When a truck loses contact with the road, the risk of rollover can be fraught with danger. However the range of tilt warning systems now on the market are helping to reduce the risk.

Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) offers tailored kits to the transport industry to suit specific trailer applications and customer needs.

When unloading on an incline or rough surface, the risk for possible vehicle/ trailer centre of gravity goes past its limits of stability. As an option through trailer electronic braking systems (TEBS) such as the Wabco TEBS-E series, the Tilt Alert feature warns the driver if a lifting tipper reaches its physical limits of stability to help prevent the incident of a rollover. “When we think EBS for trailers, we automatically think Roll Stability System. The National TEBS braking platform offers a lot more safety features to fleets and owner operators,” says GTS National Key Account Manager, Nick Hope. “For the tipping industry in particular we have presented Smartboards, tyre monitoring systems, the finisher brake system, Safe Start and Tilt Alert. The predominant feature now being requested is the Tilt Alert system.”

Tilt Alert’s function is fully customisable in order to match each tipper, with the warning threshold of inclination to be determined by the vehicle manufacturer or with the help of GTS. “Our team of experts can help install and program the Wabco system to suit our customers’ needs,” adds Nick.

Tilt alert warns the driver using a light indicator and an audible alarm. This enables the driver to monitor the tipper from the cabin of the truck during the loading and unloading process. Drivers can also safely unload cargo when the tipper is parked on a rough or uneven surface.

If danger is prevalent, through the visual and audible warnings provided by the Tilt Alert, drivers are given the opportunity to lower the tipper in time to prevent a rollover, thus reducing the risk of injury to the driver or those in close proximity to the vehicle, and reducing the risk of costly damage to equipment.

With increasingly strict OH&S rules being implemented on mining and construction sites, where tippers are commonplace, Nick says the list of options provided by the Wabco TEBS platform allows GTS to offer a range of safety features to fleets and owner-operators. “Tilt Alert is one of many intelligent support features that can help both experienced and new drivers stay in safe territory, so its no surprise that its popularity is on the rise.”


Fast Fact

Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) is a member of the WABCO Service Partner Network, which is a nation-wide program that provides members with electronic trailer health checks, overnight parts delivery, professional training and access to diagnostic tools and technical support.