Leading Australian Trailer Manufacturer StoneStar Embraces Innovation with TES as Their Braking Partner 

StoneStar, a highly respected Australian name in trailers for over 20 years. The company builds and sells trailers, StoneStar offering a diverse range including semi-trailers, drop decks, wideners, side tippers, tankers, logging trailers, vacuum tankers, aluminium grain tippers and more – all delivered across Australia.
Their 17-person team leverages extensive industry knowledge to design trailers tailored to specific applications. From construction and logging to demolition and daily-use haulage, StoneStar understands the unique needs of each customer. Their expert engineering team designs trailers with the specific industry in mind, ensuring perfect compatibility with the machinery or materials they will carry.

For 14 years, StoneStar has relied on TES for expert advice and top-quality Braking components. The strong working relationship between our two companies is built on mutual trust and collaboration. TES’s engineers consistently provide invaluable support, from design assistance to workshop guidance, ensuring Stone Star’s trailers function flawlessly with the best braking systems in the industry. Stone Star’s unwavering trust in TES’s expertise is a testament to the exceptional service they consistently receive.

TES and StoneStar: A Partnership for Pioneering Innovation. 

StoneStar’s commitment to progress is further exemplified by their recent collaboration with TES on a groundbreaking project – the world’s first-ever tanker equipped with a revolutionary new WABCO Intelligent Electronic Braking System (IEBS). This pioneering achievement marks a significant step forward in trailer technology and safety.
The WABCO IEBS system was installed on a 32,000-liter tanker. TES’s expertise ensured a smooth installation process. After receiving comprehensive training from TES experts, StoneStar’s team successfully installed the system themselves, ensuring everything functioned flawlessly. The tanker is now in operation with the end customer, performing without any issues.
The new WABCO IEBS system shines with its ease of installation. Compared to traditional rubber hose systems, it boasts fewer steps, resulting in faster installation times and reduced costs. This innovative technology, utilizing a nylon design and metric measurements, represents a significant advancement for the heavy vehicle industry.
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TES – Your Partner in Progress 

TES is proud to collaborate with forward-thinking companies like StoneStar who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation. This successful partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing not only cutting-edge solutions like the IEBS (iEBS), but also exceptional service and top-tier braking components to our customers.

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