The Safetip System is a comprehensive VSB6 J4 compliant solution designed to streamline compliance for both body builders and end-users of truck tippers. All body hardware included in the system comes with engineer certification, saving you time and effort.

The Safetip System features a console mounted above the dashboard, housing switches, an emergency stop button, and a visual/audible alarm system. Sensors strategically placed on the body and hydraulic system monitor critical functions. If the system detects any potential safety concerns, it will immediately alert the driver with a warning.

All components supplied by TES are VSB6 J4 compliant. It’s important to note that the Safetip System itself does not address body design requirements. This remains the responsibility of the body builder.

Click on the button below to download our flow chart safetip to discover how to operate it.

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1.How will I control my tipper?
Control will be via a console above the dash that incorporates switches and an emergency stop

2.What makes the system safer for the driver?
It will prevent dangerous situations such as rollovers, prevent driving at speed with body raised, and provide recommendations on maintaining the vehicle.
SAFETIP will warn the driver via the display when a pre-set tilt angle is achieved, this allows the driver to re-position to a safer area. If the tilt angle increases past this warning point the SAFETIP system will then disable the raise function, preventing the body from going higher and potentially causing a rollover.
SAFETIP will allow integration with the truck to enable limited speeds while the PTO is engaged to prevent component damage. It will also warn the driver if the body is raised preventing contact with overhead obstructions such as bridges, trees, and powerlines.

SAFETIP will provide various features to improve vehicle maintenance and longevity, providing a safe and reliable vehicle to operate.

3.What will the system tell the driver?
Via sensors placed on the body and in the hydraulics, it will warn the driver if on uneven ground, if tailgate is open, if body has not completely lowered, and if hydraulic pressure is approaching it’s maximum. This is done by visual indication on the screen and audible alarms.

4.What else will need to be fitted by body builder?
Apart from mounting a proximity and angle sensor the control system is mostly plug and play and will include a wiring harness and diagram for easy installation.

5.Can the system be modified to suit different applications?
Yes, the software can be changed and extra sensors or functions can be added.

6.Can the system be retrofitted to existing tippers?
Yes, with little modification it can be integrated with existing control systems.

7.What documentation will be provided with the system?
A circuit diagram, parts list, decal kit, and a maintenance schedule will be provided.

8.Will this comply with VSB6 Modification Code J4 certification requirements?
Both certification requirements and recommendations are included in this system.
It does not include body design requirements, this is the body builder’s responsibility.
All parts supplied by TES will be J4 compliant (including all body hardware having engineer certification) TES is happy to help point customers in the right direction to have design code requirements met through a third party.

9.What else can TES supply to tipper body builders?
TES has a range of hydraulics including PTO’s, Pumps, Valves, Tanks, plumbing, and controls. We now also have load-rated rear pivot kits and side swing kits.
We also have the skills within our workshop team to supply towbars and trailer braking systems on new and existing vehicles.

10.What after sales support can TES provide?
TES have industry experts available to help maintain and repair all tipper systems. We have comprehensive workshop and mobile service capacity in most states and a service network Australia wide.