Gough Transport Solutions supports tipper manufacturers with a selection of quality hydraulic equipment, supplying the latest products and technologies from OMFB and Binotto.

For more than 20 years, Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) has been the sole distributor for Italian brand, OMFB, supplying a range of hydraulic components that includes power take-off units (PTOs), valves, controls and pumps, which are suitable for travel towers, truck-mounted cranes, tilt trays and tippers. In fact, the OMFB range has become so prominent for the transport equipment specialist that it has slowly expanded the range. According to GTS Hydraulic Product Manager, Gary Butler, some operators know precisely what they need, while others only know that they want the system to do.

“The way I see it, any company can take an order and ship a box, but not all companies can take a concept from a customer and turn it into solution that works,” he says – explaining that it is GTS’ strength as a hydraulics specialist that empowers tipper manufacturers when specifying quality components. “GTS has been distributing OMFB PTOs and hydraulics equipment for two decades because, as a premium Italian brand, its overall range and flexibility is second to none,” he says. “We ask our customers the right questions and extract information to find the ideal product from OMFB’s comprehensive range,” Gary says – adding that if the perfect product isn’t part of the standard GTS range, it can usually be ordered directly from the manufacturer in Italy. However, Gary says that’s no problem for the GTS team.

One of the more recent PTO product options that has become part of the GTS standard catalogue is a heavy-duty range of twin-gear, rear-of-countershaft PTOs. The powerful units are available for a range of Mercedes, Volvo and ZF transmissions and offer increased maximum torque ratings compared with other versions. “Ever-increasing hydraulic system demands call for stronger PTOs to drive bigger pumps. OMFB has again been equal to the task and responded with a new bulletproof series of PTO, ”Gary explains.

“OMFB is a company that is always developing new products in response to demand. Sometimes that’s because we asked them to develop something for us. OMFB has come up with products specifically for us in the Australian market that it doesn’t sell anywhere else,” he says. Following the trend of premium Italian products, GTS also sources a selection of Binotto hoists, emphasising quality assurance.

“Italian business, Binotto, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of tipping hoists,” Gary says. “Established for over 60 years, Binotto products are produced throughout five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants worldwide, and have been available in Australia for over 20 years. Since 2017, the entire range of Italian Binotto telescopic tipping hoists have been distributed exclusively by GTS,” he says – explaining that Binotto’s

B3 technology of stability, safety and durability can offer 20 per cent faster tipping cycles compared with non-B3 hoists of the same diameter, lower noise, friction and vibration, longer seal and wiper lifespan, providing greater vehicle efficiency, particularly at end-of-stroke and at high speed.

GTS stocks a selection of Binotto telescopic tipping hoists designed for three-way tipper options as well as rear-tipping and side-tipping applications. Gary says that all Binotto equipment is tested for use in extreme environments from the Siberian steppes to the Saudi deserts. “Australia’s more regional locations can be very demanding on road transport equipment, which is why GTS stocks premium hoists that are suited for heavy-duty freight tasks in the Australian sun.” When it comes to tippers, Gary says, GTS often supplies the whole solution to its customers in a kit with OMFB PTO, pump and a hoist made by fellow premium Italian company Binotto. “Premium products are a better investment. It may not be as cheap up front, but if you pay a little more and get twice as much out of it, then it’s better value,” he explains. “We get the request from the customer, whether it’s just a PTO or a full kit, and deliver a premium solution that will get the job done. It’s that simple”.