The unwavering reliability that PFD Food Services has experienced from its Palfinger MBB Tail Lifts has ensured its repeat business, especially when coupled with the high level of service from its supplier, Gough Transport Solutions.

Steve Wright, Fleet Manager at food distribution company PFD Food Services, is an industry veteran who holds a firm belief that the value of rigid truck components lies in their reliability – especially when it comes to his tail lifts.

“The reliability of every single piece of our equipment is paramount because every rigid that is not ready to go out on the road doesn’t contribute to the success of the business. The Palfinger MBB C3000S has been the most reliable tail lift I’ve ever had,” Steve says enthusiastically.

Steve started ordering MBB tail lifts from Gough Transport Solutions (GTS), around five years ago when he first recognised the potential of the units. “I had a relationship with GTS for different products, and recognised that MBB tail lifts were a superior product to what we were using at the time,” Steve says. “Now, we only buy MBB tail lifts for use on any of the vehicles in the entire fleet.”

At the moment, PFD counts around 60 rigids out of its 650 strong fleet that are fitted with the MBB tailgate loaders – a number that continues to increase as the company manages its growing business and updates its equipment – with three units delivered in early August and another 10 on the way.

Over the last few years, the PFD Fleet Manager has been ordering his MBBs from Michael Orlando, National Sales Manager Tail Lifts at GTS, who he says “really knows his product”.

“I’ll continue to order MBB tail lifts from GTS because I’ve had very little or no breakdowns and I’ve never had a parts availability issue – not that I’ve needed many parts,” Steve says – adding that he really appreciates the full backup service that GTS provides.

Any repairs are simple, Steve mentions, as the steel MBB tail lifts generally don’t require any specialist equipment. However, Steve is quick to add that there has rarely been a need for repairs or servicing, as the MBB tail lifts “basically never” have any problems. “Once they’re fitted Steve doesn’t have any headaches,” Michael mentions, however there was one instance Steve recalls where Michael’s exceptional service was proven without a doubt.

“We had a unusual problem with one of the tail lifts that Michael had never seen before, so he jumped on a plane and flew out to our facility in Rockhampton to see what was going on,” Steve explains.

Michael adds, “Historically, very little goes wrong with the MBB tail lifts. Steve’s issue intrigued us and we wanted to see what the cause was first hand, and we rectified it straight away. A lot of suppliers wouldn’t go to that extent, but that’s the way we are at GTS.”

“Palfinger tail lifts are not the cheapest on the market, but they have been that reliable that the money we would saved initially on a cheaper product has been paid off tenfold in our productivity gains. I haven’t had to replace an MBB tail lift yet,” says Steve.


Fast Fact

While PFD uses steel MBB Palfinger tail lifts, Michael Orlando, National Sales Manager Tail Lifts at Gough Transport Solutions, says that the company can also supply the tail lifts in aluminium for a lightweight platform that doesn’t compromise on strength.