Equipment specialist, Gough Transport Solutions, has announced that Italian manufacturer, OMFB hydraulic components, is unveiling its latest range of variable displacement piston pumps.

Gough Transport Solutions (GTS) supplies a wide range of equipment to Australia’s commercial road transport industry, enabling fleets to invest in quality gear that adds value and emphasises versatility. Some of the latest innovations in pump technology, tested and proven overseas, are now being introduced to the Australian market through the supplier. According to GTS Hydraulic Product Manager,

Gary Butler, the new range of variable displacement piston pumps from OMFB Hydraulic Components are compact in size and can couple directly to the Power Take-off (PTO) unit.

“OMFB is a quality Italian manufacturer, a premium brand,” Gary says. “A pump that can connect straight to the PTO is an incredible option for fleet operators. It is often necessary to mount bulkier pumps remotely to the PTO, which requires custom fabricated brackets and a drive shaft. This is unnecessarily expensive and means that the pump is custom-fit and generally restricted to the one heavy vehicle.

“These new pumps from OMFB, however, allow fleet operators to fit the pump with ease to the PTO, using a standard four-bolt ISO mount. Further fitting flexibility is afforded by an optional port adaptor that allows the use of split-flange or threaded fittings.”

The latest selection of variable displacement piston pumps is available in sizes from 60cc to 110cc, including an adjustable 60cc version that can be set to a lower maximum flow rate. An adjusting screw is used to limit pump displacement to less than the nominal rating. “The pumps have a maximum operating pressure of 400 bar, capable of meeting the demands of a range of applications,” Gary says. “This, combined with a very responsive and fast-acting regulator, offers operators one of the most versatile variable displacement piston pump options on the market.”

Gary explains that these OMFB pumps are commonly used to power truck-mounted cranes and similar materials handling equipment. “One of the advantages of using a variable displacement piston pump system is that the flow rate scales to its required specifications while in operation,” he says. “As the pump is directly connected to the PTO, when a heavy vehicle is sitting idle, for instance, the flow rate will dial down to zero,” he says.

According to GTS, the new OMFB offering complements an existing and comprehensive range of constant displacement piston pumps including: axial, bent-axis and tandem variations, covering sizes from 12cc to 130cc. Depending on quality brands like OMFB to drive innovation, GTS continues to stock the latest pumping technologies and hydraulic options as they become available for use in Australia.


Fast Fact

Designed to couple directly to the Power Take-Off (PTO) unit, the OMFB Hydraulic Components variable displacement piston pumps typically do not require a custom mount, which is a cost-effective and versatile option for fleet operators.


Fast Fact

The OMFB Hydraulic Components variable displacement piston pumps are compact in size and offer fuel and weight efficiencies compared to bulkier alternatives.


Fast Fact

Gough Transport Solutions supplies a diverse selection of OMFB Hydraulic Components constant displacement pumps that are suitable for heavy vehicle equipment versatility.