Important news for TES clients in the heavy vehicle industry! The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) has released updates regarding the upcoming VSB6 section J4 code for tipper bodies on behalf of NHVR.
Key takeaways:
• Stability section removal: The stability section of the J4 code is being removed entirely. The NHVR plans to reintroduce it in a future VSB6 version.
• Online stability calculator: An online stability calculator is being considered for future development to assist with compliance.
• J4 code applicability: The J4 code is currently limited to traditional tipper body vehicles. It won’t immediately apply to tankers, street sweepers, waste collection vehicles, or specialized construction vehicles with tipping mechanisms.
Important Note: These changes haven’t been finalized. However, the NHVR has received unanimous support from industry associations, including HVIA.
Implementation Process (Subject to Change):
• Stage 1 – Release (July 1, 2024): The finalized J4 code is released publicly. Body builders and certifiers can review the code and prepare for compliance.
• Stage 2 – Activation (September 1, 2024): AVEs (Approved Vehicle Examiners) can begin submitting J4 certification packages for approval by jurisdictions.
• Stage 3 – Commencement (March 1, 2025): All new vehicles falling under the J4 code must comply to be considered an approved modification.
These proposed dates strategically avoid year-end business disruptions.
TES is Here to Help!
We offer a range of products and engineering services to help you navigate the VSB6 J4 updates. Stay tuned for further updates and contact us today to discuss how TES can assist your business in complying with the upcoming VSB6 J4 standards.