The unique B3 design provides an exclusive cushion system, with special seals ensuring maximum safety, stability, and durability. It allows higher speeds, reduced maintenance, and increased safety.

1. Performance and safety

Even at high flow rates, Binotto B3 technology ensures enhanced safety at the end of the stroke. As can be seen on the video above, Binotto’s B3 Technology cushions transitioning between stages and at full extension.
This substantially reduces shock to allow for safer operation at higher speeds.
Hydraulic cylinder cushioning prevents heavy impact and consequent shocks in the system causing damage to equipment. The faster tipping cycle afforded by B3 allows you to operate your fleet with maximum productivity.

Binotto B3 featured hoists have been engineered to be lighter than previous models maximizing fuel efficiency while increasing payload and reducing downtime.

2. Reduce wear and tear

The Double Sealing System is designed for longevity. By reducing internal metal to metal contact, cylinder lifespan is extended. It also prevents system contamination, and avoids breakdowns. Maintenance costs are reduced considerably, with less downtime due to component failures.

Thanks to the exclusive use of premium grade, Hot Rolled Seamless Steel, with high yields points and tensile strength, the cylinder can withstand extensive stresses without permanent deformation, offering exceptional robustness.

Reduced Noise, friction, and shock results in an extended lifespan of trucks and equipment and improves the work environment. This means lower maintenance costs and happier operators.

Close tolerance Internal and external machining provides side load resistance, increasing overall column strength and rigidity. Increased surface hardness and smoothness from Binotto’s Roller burnishing process allows for reduced clearances between stages and helps to resist side loads and bending.
Ensure that your equipment stays in peak condition, thanks to the enhanced hoist protection and extended service life offered by Binotto B3 technology.

3. Discover Binotto Tipping Hoists from TES!

Grounded by over 40 years of experience, TES delivers premium Binotto tipping solutions for thousands of customers across the nation. Our expert in-house design and engineering team is dedicated to providing you with the right guidance and support to get the most of your investment.

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