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In the world of truck and trailer manufacturing, success hinges on a delicate balance of innovation, quality, and most importantly, reliability. YLZ Truck Bodies, a Melbourne-based truck body and trailer builder, serves as a prime example of how making the right choices in products and partners can turn a business into an industry leader.

YLZ’s growth is nothing short of impressive, evolving from building a handful of truck and trailer bodies in its initial years to producing close to 70 per year in the present day. Sales Manager Kyle Doswell attributes this success to the company’s commitment to reliability. Kyle emphasises, “Reliability means everything, it plays a big part in what we do.” The key to their growth lies not just in what they manufacture but in the reliability of the products and suppliers they choose.

A crucial component in YLZ’s success story is the use of quality Binotto hoists , supplied and supported by truck and trailer hydraulics experts Transport Engineering Solutions (TES). Binotto’s exclusive B3 technology cushions the transition between stages and at full extension and plays a pivotal role in the success of YLZ’s combinations. Kyle notes, “The B3 technology is a point of difference that you can really see in practice in bigger builds. Especially when you push up to a five-axle, it does come into play.”

Kyle says the hoist has proven to be a very durable option in the market. “If I put a Binotto product on a truck, I’m 99 per cent sure I am not going to have a hoist issue.” This level of confidence is invaluable for YLZ and their customers, allowing them to concentrate on their operations without wasting time or money dealing with faults.

Choosing a supplier with a high level of technical knowledge and customer support that can be trusted is also important to success in the truck and trailer building industry. Kyle states, “I’m busy enough as it is, the less I have to do the better and TES are quite good at that. If there are any issues, they’re quite good at handling it all without me getting too involved so I can concentrate on what I should be doing.”

In the competitive landscape of truck and trailer manufacturing, the success of businesses like YLZ Truck Bodies underscores the importance of making sound choices. Reliability in products and suppliers isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity for sustainable growth. As Kyle summarises, “The quality that TES sell is quite good, and the service they provide matches the quality of their product. I couldn’t be happier dealing with them.” In an industry where getting it right first time matters, choosing the right partners and products can make all the difference.