Transport Engineering Solutions (TES) new product offering from WABCO

TX-TRAILERPULSE is WABCO’s most recent trailer telematics unit. The device has been specifically designed to capture a maximum of data on
Reduce unplanned downtime, Schedule Trailer servicing based on actual usage,
on top of its Track & Trace capabilities, TX-TRAILERPULSE captures and forwards EBS-data sourced from WABCO EBS E generation systems.
The unit is capable of relaying data from available WABCO braking, stability, efficiency and safety systems to TX-TRAILERFIT.

Features and Benefits:
• Get real-time visibility on your fleet of trailers
• Remotely monitor the technical status of your trailers
• Real-time notification of EBS error codes and warning lamps

Provides you with systems to:
• Be alerted to possible technical problems
• Quickly react and take data-informed decisions in case of technical incident
• Communicate trailer health status to workshop staff
• TX-TRAILERPULSE is a small, robust and easy to install telematics device that connects to your WABCO Trailer EBS System.
• Easy to use back office software
• Set-up back office dashboards that suit you