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Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6) : National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications outlines the minimum design, construction, installation and performance requirements for modifications to heavy motor vehicles and trailers. It is intended to provide a single national technical standard to ensure that modified heavy vehicles are safe and that they comply with relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and legislative and regulatory requirements.

Changes to the current version of VSB6, initially scheduled to become compulsory from February 1st 2024, have been postponed to July 1st, as VSB6 Version 3.2.
Many of the changes have been driven by an increased focus on safety, with the National Heavy Vehicle Registrar working closely with industry stakeholders to finalise the code.

Section J4 of the new regulation covers design requirements for modification of a motor vehicle by fitting a tipper body. In response to significant changes to this section of the standard, the team at TES have been working to ensure we are ready to deliver a comprehensive solution for body builders and end-users of truck tippers. TES hydraulics expert Damian Matthews has been leading the team on the development of this comprehensive since 2018, anticipating the compliance challenges that have now come to the forefront.

This newly-developed SAFETIP system provides unprecedented safety improvements focused on keeping operators safer, whilst covering the requirements of the new VSB6 3.2 standard, ensuring your eligible engineer can sign off without risk.

The changes to the regulations are significant movement forward for safety in the heavy vehicle industry, but also a big challenge to ensure we are all ready. At TES we have been ensuring we stay proactive and well prepared to help our customers navigate these changes, and will release more detailed information and news in the coming weeks.

If you would like further information, please contact TES on 1300 300 375 to ask us more about SAFETIP or about what the changes to VSB6 Section J4 will mean to you.