Innovative Italian hydraulics brand OMFB is continuously developing new PTO options to ensure its Australian distributor, Gough Transport Solutions, will always have access to the right product for any customer request.

When it comes to providing a hydraulics package for one of Gough Transport Solutions’ (GTS) clients, Gary Butler, Hydraulic Product Manager at GTS, says that incoming enquiries can take a wide range of forms. On the one hand, some operators know

exactly what they’re after, down to quoting a part number, while some clients only know what they want the system to do.

“The way I see it, any company can take an order and ship a box,” begins Gary. “But not all companies can take just a concept from a customer and turn it into solution that works. That’s where GTS’ strength truly lies.”

According to Gary, finding the answer to clients’ requests means working with

innovative component producers. “GTS has been distributing OMFB PTOs and hydraulics equipment for around 20 years because its overall range and flexibility is second to none,” Gary says of the premium Italian brand.

“We ask our customers the right questions and extract information to find the ideal product from OMFB’s comprehensive range,”

Gary says – adding that if the perfect product isn’t part of the standard GTS range, it can usually be ordered directly from the manufacturer in Italy. However, Gary says that’s no problem for the GTS team.

One of the newest PTO product options that has become part of the GTS standard catalogue has been designed to fit the FS series of Eaton transmissions. “The omission of the rear-of-countershaft PTO opening on some of these transmissions has left the less-preferred side-mount option as the only means to fit a PTO. OMFB responded to a change in requirements and came up with a solution, making a new PTO that delivers higher speed and higher torque, while using the side-mount opening that was previously considered limited,” Gary explains.

“OMFB is a company that is always developing new products in response to demand. Sometimes that’s because we asked them to develop something for us. OMFB has come up with products specifically for us in the Australian market that it doesn’t sell anywhere else.”

“It has also responded to a range of new trucks entering the Australian market, namely Hyundai, Foton and JAC, giving us PTO options for all of those. Not everyone can cater for that request, but thanks to OMFB’s developments, GTS has a premium option.”

When it comes to tippers, Gary says, GTS often supplies the whole solution to its customers in a kit with OMFB PTO, pump and associated products including hoists. “Premium products are a better investment. It may not be as cheap up front, but if you pay a little more and get twice as much out of it, then it’s better value,” he explains. “We get the request from the customer, whether it’s just a PTO or a full kit, and deliver a premium solution that will get the job done. It’s that simple.”