One of the advantages of using our Binotto cylinders is their industry leading B3 technology, so what is B3 technology and how does it add value and safety to the day to day operation of my tipper?
In the video below (watch with sound on) the most obvious difference from standard multi-stage cylinders is in the sound between each stage of the cylinders operation as shown in the video provided.

TES offer Binotto B3 Hydraulic Tipping Hoists Technology

B3 technology or hydraulic cushioning is a well-known and utilised technology in many broader, cylinder applications. Now, Binotto brings the benefits of this technology to the tipping market. A clever
and unique design provides a momentary ‘cushion’ effect at the end of the stroke of each stage. This revolutionary feature, along with special seals and wipers, provides numerous benefits to operator
and hoist alike such as…

• Up to 20% faster tipping cycle compared to non-B3 hoists of the same diameter
• Less noise, friction and vibration
• Longer seal and wiper lifespan
• Greater hoist protection and service life
• Greater safety at end-of-stroke, even at high speed
• Greater vehicle efficiency

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